Bike Raffle

Proceeds from a bike raffle at the 2015 Pawpaw Festival benefit the ABRT.

Torch Project

Construction is scheduled for 2015 under NatureWorks funding to open a three mile section of trail through the community of Torch.

Frost Extension

Athens County has applied to the 2015 Clean Ohio Trails Fund to add an additional six miles to the trail.

Your donation is tax deductable through the Athens Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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A future multi-use muscle powered trail to be constructed along the former B&O railroad grade in Athens and Washington counties. This trail will be an important piece of the regional rail trail system, eventually connecting the Moonville Rail Trail and Hockhocking-Adena bikeway to the west with the North Bend Rail Trail and American Discovery Trail to the east.


trail corridor
Trail corridor in Athens County following abandoned B&O railroad grade. Click on the map image or the Earth Maps link to view route options in Google Earth.

Once the Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail is completed, its regional implications will be enormous. It will be the only alternative transportation route serving many destinations within southeast Ohio and also a major thoroughfare for long-distance cycling through Ohio.