Athens County has applied to the 2015 Clean Ohio Trails Fund for 75% of the construction costs for the Frost Extension project. The value of land donated by the Athens Conservancy will provide in-kind local matching funds, possibly augmented by private donations or other local funds if the appraised land value is below expectations.

This is a joint project with the Athens Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductable and can help provide matching funds for this and other projects.

Frost Extension Project

If funded, this will be the second phase of trail construction, planned for completion in 2016. It started as a bridge replacement project for a stretch of trail between Frost and Ireland Roads (CR 58 and CR 59) but morphed to include clearing and grading an additional 4 miles along Frost Road. The Google Earth image below shows the project extent, which parallels Frost Road above the flood plain of the Hocking River then turns eastward to end where the trail crosses Ireland Road. The project includes a parking area below the community of Frost on property owned by the Hocking River Commission. Eventually that parking area may also serve a boat launch facility on the Hocking River.

Stone Arch Bridge

The main obstacle in this section is a missing bridge, shown by the red square in the zoomed-in Google Earth view below:

Stone Arch Bridge

Fortunately the railroad left us reusable bridge abutments when they abandoned the railroad in the mid 1980's. The span between the abutments is roughly 37 ft.

Stone Arch Bridge

Contractor Shelly and Sands has donated I-beams for the bridge superstructure, salvaged from a highway bridge demolition project in Hocking county. These beams will be capable of supporting a 14 ft wide bridge deck, which will conform to AASHTO standards for bicycle bridges and will suffice for emergency vehicle use. Below is a computer drawing of what the completed bridge might look like one day:

Bridge to be Built

There will remain a gap of about 0.4 miles between this project and the Torch trail project. Filling that gap is planned for a subsequent construction phase. Although the gap is short, it will require building two bridges over Skunk Run and detouring around private land just east of Ireland Road.